New Rules


  • Published October 2011

A notice of motion was passed at the NSWGFA Annual General Meeting held in July in
Port Macquarie which amends NSWGFA By-Laws and Regulations Angling Rule (c) 5
under “Sanctioned tournaments, point scores and rules” in relation to circle hooks.

The new Angling Rule 5 now reads as follows:

“CIRCLE HOOKS ONLY are permitted to be used for livebaiting and trolling natural
baits (whether live, dead, mutilated or dissected). NB: no points to be scored for any
species caught while using livebaits and/or trolling natural baits with “J” hooks”.
This Rule applies when trolling natural baits ONLY.
If drifting and/or burleying (eg cubing for Tuna or shark fishing) with a live or dead whole
or cut bait, then the use of a “J” hook, while not recommended, is still permitted and is
legal and captures will count toward point score.

The official definition of a circle hook is a hook with its point turned 90 degrees or less
back towards the shank of the hook (see illustration below).



  • Published 1st Feb 2011

There has been some confusion as to what is the actual registration number for the 406 MHz Epirb that is required to be listed on NSWGFA tournament entry forms in, it is possible that some skippers do not realise that the Epirb must be registered with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority and re-registered every two years.

Could you please ensure that your skippers are aware of this requirement.

Registrations can be completed on-line at:


The following information is an excerpt from the NSW Maritime

& AMSA Beacons websites

An amendment to the Boating (Safety Equipment) Regulation – NSW, under the Maritime Services Act, required 406 MHz digital beacons to replace any 121.5 MHz analogue beacons from 1 July 2008. Distress beacons are also known as Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs).

To comply with the requirement, 406 MHz beacons must also be registered with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority and carry a registration sticker.

Each 406 MHz beacons – registered to an individual and their craft – carries a unique identification code, transmitted when the beacons is activitated.

Registration is free. Beacon registration is valid for two years and renewal can be done online.

Registration stickers are issued by AMSA and provide distress beacon owners and marine inspectors with proof of current registration.

The sticker will note the HexID/UIN of the beacon, its registration expiry date (2 years from date of issue) and vessel name or owner’s name depending on type of beacon and use. This registration sticker must be affixed to the beacon.

A fine may result if the current sticker is not affixed to a beacon during a safety equipment inspection.


  • Published Dec 2010
  1. Not legal, the connection length is longer than 1.5 times the length of the hook.
  2. Not legal, the overall length exceeds 101mm.
  3. Legal, the connection is less than 1.5 times the length of the hook.
  4. Legal, the overall length is less than 101mm from the lure.